100 word challenge

The jungle adventure A long time ago, in a land far away, a young boy was on a walk in a magical jungle. The boys name was Trevor. Trevor was about 7 years old and always wanted to live in the jungle. He was really exited for what lay ahead of him. A few hours […]


Rugby and football (soccer)

  Rugby It is a game of strength and agility. The aim is to score a try and push there way through Users who have LIKED this post:


Clash Royal

Clash Royal Today there was a new card coming out in the shop it is called Battle Ram and its really good. We both got the Battle Ram! I opened my silver chest and got the new card Battle Ram. Me Daniel has a legendary and i don’t so do all my other friends have […]



  This is some secret information about Roblox. First you will need a account but it can’t be the same as some one else (or you can play as guest). But you have to choose witch game you are going to play. Then you can play, but don’t talk to people that you don’t know. […]


Farming simulator 17

Farming Simulator is a simulation game weir you do farming. You Users who have LIKED this post:



I love Minecraft you love Minecraft everybody loves Minecraft!!!!!!!!!!!! My favourite mobs are creepers 0_0 -marcel -william


A cold day

Today was really cold I was shivering until lunch time so I just stayed inside and played Chess with William. I hope tomorrow will be a sunny and warm day -Marcel Users who have LIKED this post:

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TV is so cool, I like to watch it every day. I also learn stuff from TV but I still like books more. Ryan and William Users who have LIKED this post:


My Christmas Holiday

I had lots of fun playing games with my family. I got a Star Wars mug. William Users who have LIKED this post: