Wellsprings summer fete.

Tomorrow  is wellsprings summer fete. I got lots of activities I would like to do. My friend from a different school is coming to school fete. After the Fete he is coming to my house for a sleepover.Well back to the fete ,I can’t wait to get some candy floss. I’m also going to get […]


Taunton Academy tour

Taunton Academy is epic! When we had are tour, we saw the: Art room English room Drama Cooking room Chill rooms for yr 7,8,9,10,11 Science room And lots more but the school is to big to remember all of the places. Tyler B-) Users who have LIKED this post:


Favourite foods

My favourite foods are: Dominos pizza Sausage and chips Chicken fajitas Beans on toast Cheese and ham toasties Roasts Thanks for reading Tyler :-) Users who have LIKED this post:


Arsenal wins against Newcastle

Arsenal (the best team in the world) beat Newcastle united 2.1. Magic Giroud scored to make Arsenal win. This is the best strength for Giroud: He is strong Great finisher Headers Works well with Sanchez Thanks for reading Tyler :-) Users who have LIKED this post:



My favourite sport is football. I am an Arsenal supporter and they play and understand the game very well. My favourite player is Alexis Sanchez because he has always had great skills and is always positive. I also like basketball and cricket. Hope you enjoyed my post.   Tyler :-)     Users who have […]

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100 word challenge

There was once a mad scientist who had a pet horse. He loved his horse more than anything, but one day a man killed it with a steel pipe. The scientist carefully put the horse in a grave outside his house. He went back to his house crying like mad. The next day he created […]


A safe and happy website

Do’s Only put pictures if necessary Put nice thoutfull things do funny things but nothing that can heart feelings Dont’s Don’t use bad languege Don’t put pictures of family or  freinds Anything you might not like don’t put on the website


How to make a explosion part 1/3

things needed.                                                     there are two ways to do this A  bottel of  coke some mints first grab the coke bottle     a little tip anything fizzy will do next the mints now put them in the bottle and shake move now and whatch the explosion make sure its not indoors !