school finished

My school life at Wellsprings school has ended sadly I had to say good bye to teachers mates and more people so I would like to say my last good bye to all my teachers and the blog. (Steven)

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wellsprings news

Welcome to the first wellsprings news may I say first welcome otters class to the blog and I hope you have fun on here. on our first news flash it is the end of school for 2 weeks and that means its coming up to Easter so that means Easter eggs   so I am going to […]

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easter holidays

I am so looking forward  to the easter holiday there will be easter eggs and so much fun i’v always liked eastertercause of all of the chocolate I get. I like spending time with my family so I m really looking forward  to easter  2 week with out the teachers giving us homework or asking us for […]

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monster story

 Alisha was a girl who was scared to get to sleep because she thought there was a hairy monster under her bumpy bed on a stary night Alisha heard a roar. So one night Alisha finally she went to sleep then suddenly they monster came out with a big sucker to suck out all the light. […]

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maths challinge

hello this is my maths challenge as other people have been doing this please comment if you know the answer   1. what is 7000 add 10,000   2. if ben has 15 sweets and he has lost 12 how much has he  got left   3. if I have 15 sweets and I share 2 of my friends one […]

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my favrate t.v program

 This is a picture of my favourite program when I leave my school. But there is something Else what I like is well CBBC is a program what I love when football is not on does any Else know what there program is?

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all i could see is my school and two people

All i could see is my school and two people the two people were called dani and a teacher. The teacher was called mr white both of them had a difrece one had a red hat on and mr white had a coat on so both of them were walking towords me when a other purson […]

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grandparents are inportant becouse

gran parents are inpotant becouse then are good to you to you and then take you out on days out and they always tell you the truf about evrything we can trust them they tell you about the future amnd what hapend when they were young they spoil you and they do evrything for you. […]

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all i could see is 2 red eyes

When i was in the woods i saw a wooden door. Then i opened it and the door went grrr! then i went inside it was dark in there. All i could see is two red eyes then i cared on walking then i saw a scary hairy monster. the monster was not kind at […]

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Happy hallween to evrybody for my burthday i had a t.v and so on but im not talking about about how i got the t.v  im talking about what i done on  hallween. On hallween i did. i whatck some t.v then i locked my window then i had some tea . then after that […]


Spongebob this is my favate vidio and its amazing trust me lye down and engoy the vilm sponge bob squer pants.thankyou verymuck mr white for being the best teacher ever. (Steven)

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my burthday

My burthday is in 1 day so im looking fowerd to it. I am not shore what i am going to get. Yet iv got a funny feelling that my mum is trying to hide somthing but what ever it is  its going to be good. so any one els ingoying the holiday i am? yey […]

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Thankyou to all of the wells cathedral giudes for showing us round i relly engoyed it and i lernt relly good stuff. the thing i liked the most is how they showed us the clock so thankyou for  making us wellcome and makeing the school wellcome . the thing i leurnt is the clock has […]

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