it was on a starry night

it was on a starry night when santa arrived I woke up and I went back to sleep and I looked out of my window.Then I saw a red coat and black boots and a very long white bread and a very big belly and he walked through the door and put the presents down and santa […]

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Gran parents are inportant because

Gran parents like to spoil you because they are part of your life when your mum and dad get married they live with each other until they pass away and you can move out when you are 16. If you still live with your parents you can ask them to move out of your mums house or […]

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All i could see is two red eyes

I was running through a haunted forest and the were wofls hoowling at the fullmoon and when i turned around and all i could see was a pair of red eyes and the pair of red eyes were getting closer and closer by the min and even knowing i could not see it cause it was invisble. […]

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last night man city played a dutch side and the score ended. as three two and man city lost to a dutch side and man city was not happy and the dutch side went back to there ground happy. (Sam)

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football F1

Mancher untied won three two last night Van persie skied it over the goalkepper’s head and he scored. Webber claims his victory and Lewis hammiton came second and it ended like that. but now Lewis hammilton is at number 14 in the F1 {samp}             .     003     […]

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