Inspired by The Butterfly

Running through the bright and cheerful meadows I saw the most amazing thing. It was blue and purple with mixed whites. It fluttered in the sky whilst the wind was gently swaying the amazing creature and that was a ….. John T Howard via Compfight Users who have LIKED this post:


Homeless people….24 powerdown challenge

There are millions and millions of homeless people in the world.  a slot of them are being spat at and shouted at by tourist, it makes my heart break. would you like to help? well then, here is your importunity. The 24 powerdown challenge is basically no electronic devices for 24 hours including hot food […]


Kylie Lip kits colours

Names Dirty Peach Koko K Poise K Candy K Dolce K True Brown K Exposed Ginger 22 Here are most of the Kylie Lip kit colours Ruby Users who have LIKED this post:


The adventure

Running, in the white fluffy blanket of snow on the floor i see a piece of dirty old paper on it was a map. It had French writting on it said Find all the hidden jewellery by using the map and unlock a mystery.I do 5 step forward to my house and then take 11 […]


5 facts about me

Facts My favourite animal is hamsters. I love the colours Purple and Orange. My favourite food is pizza. My best friends is Madison and Natalia. I have 3 Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits/I LOVE bows. Ruby Users who have LIKED this post:


What makeup I have

     Lips Candy K – Kylie Lip kit Coco K – Kylie Lip kit Brown Sugar – Kylie Lip kit Diva – Mac     Eye shadow Vanilla – Mac Blackberry – Mac White Frost – Mac Mascara Plush Lash – Mac Foundation Bomb Shell – ???? Soon I will be getting more Kylie […]


My Jojo Bows

My Bows These are all of my Jojo Siwa bows White With pearls and crystals Christmas special Mint with crystals Small white bow Coral with crystals pink with white and pink crystals P.S. I will be getting way more bows and I will update this blog !! Ruby Users who have LIKED this post:



All my Smiggle things Cookie scented pencils Blue Berry juice pencil case Scented pink jelly twister eraser Candyfloss changing colour pencils barnyard scented erasers Fruity yum yum erasers P.S. soon I’m getting more Smiggle stationary !! :) Ruby Users who have LIKED this post:


100 Word Challenge #19

The Mystery  As I stood in the beautiful fresh forest, I started gazing into the floor of wild berries and flowers. It was really an amazing sight watching nature as it grows. All of a sudden I saw a bright light shine from the sky and I wondered what it was. Being my usual self I […]


The Ballerina

Music fills the room. The ballerina, always poised and delicate, dances, arm held high, feet pointed. Her pink dress sparkles as she twirls around. Her audience, a little girl, watches in awe and claps with delight. “Dinner!” her mother calls. The girl closes her jewellery box. “Coming mum.” By Ruby  Users who have LIKED this […]


100 word challenge #19

100 word challenge – Week #19 I was in bed by 9 o’clock thinking about my next adventure!! When I closed my tired eyes my dream started I woke up in a boat and somewhere I couldn’t quite make out. It had a couple of trees and boats but before I could look closer I […]


Smiggle Update!! xox

So..  recently i did a Smiggle and JoJo bow Blog, which included a list full of the stuff i have, But today… I’m just going to do a updated list of my Smiggle stuff!! 4 pack chocolate scented pencils 4 pack banana scented pencils 4 pack coconut scented pencils 4 pack coca cola scented pencils […]


Roblox Reindeer Fashion!

On Roblox, I created a group called Reindeer Fashion. I have over 36 members and it’s a detailed and worked hard on. If you would like to join, please make a Roblox account if you don’t have one. And join in the fun! by searching my group… Reindeer Fashion! Trainings and Interviews are always at […]


Polar Bears

White fluffy polar jumping on ice-caps!!! by Madison!! Users who have LIKED this post:


The best teacher in the world

Mr White is my favourite teacher because: He is kind He is helpful and caring He is funny Lastly he makes me enjoy school more Jess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Users who have LIKED this post:


Best House Rules

These are the best house rules when you are blogging: Don’t  give out personal information about you (e.g.: email, passwords or where you live) Don’t post pictures of yourself Don’t type or post mean and rude things about other pupils Don’t use bad language Let adults check the quality of your post and if it makes sense […]

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My favourite things

My favourite things are: unicorns jojo siwa bows smiggle jess Users who have LIKED this post:

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TTRockstars is the best

Today,we learned how to play TTRockstars it is where you choose a name  and avatar then you can play tournaments or in your Studio, Garage and other places. Its great for kids. You can get money  (to) buy things. Stay and keep reading more of my blogs by Madison 👑🌸💖😘 By the way read more […]



Bows are the most popular girl accessories in school by the famous dancer,singer and model Jojo Siwa.There are different sizes including small , medium and large!! There are many different colours ; Coral, pink, white, red, blue and many others!!! Exclusive Bows as such as Christmas and Holographic bows only at Clairs. This is an awareness to get […]


happy new year!!!

new year resolutions neat books clean carpets neat hand writing jess and emily Users who have LIKED this post:


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