100 Word Challenge

Splashdown-Poole On Sunday 12th February,me my mum, my dad, my sister and brother went to splashdown poole. It took us about 2 hours to get there so we had to leave at 12:00. When we got there we had to get these coloured bands, which had this code inside so you could scan the code […]


my weekend

My weekend has been amazing! It started off with me going to gym after school on friday that was really fun and i won both handstand compatitions! After i got home from gym i had two hours to pack and get ready to go to my dads for the weekend. Once i was ready Users […]

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The highlights of last weekend!

last saterday morning my dad came to pick me up for the weekend with my dad (we were going to go to weston to see the air show!)… first we went back to my dads flat to pick up his girl friend to go to weston… when we go to weston we went to play […]