The best teacher in the world

Mr White is my favourite teacher because: He is kind He is helpful and caring He is funny Lastly he makes me enjoy school more Jess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Users who have LIKED this post:


Fancy poodles

Fancy poodles are cute and fluffy!   Chloe G Users who have LIKED this post:

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Why do people wear odd socks? I saw a child in my class with odd socks today and it got me to thinking…why do people do it? Can anyone tell me? Reply if you can. by Mr White (on behalf of Sammy)

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Things going on in Fox Class in 2014

Hi all just a post to let you know what’s happening this term and year. We have Npower coming in this Tuesday to do a Climate Cops mini project with the children, should be interesting and help them learn about Climate change. We’re doing gym this term and everyone seems excited about using the large […]

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Safe and happy blogging ;-)

By Mr White Dear children, It is time for us to start thinking more than just about blogging and discussing things that interest us. I’d like you to write a post of no less than 50 words (100 if you can) about how to blog safely. What are the do’s and don’ts of blogging in […]


Gentle reminder

Hello Foxes, Just a gentle reminder of our house rules which many of you have been following closely but others have let slip over the time we have all been merrily posting. 1. Take care with SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) – visitors want to read quality not have to work out what you are […]

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Something fishy…

Dear…well, everyone, We have recently received a message from a school in Oxfordshire, asking us if we are happy for them to keep an eye on what we are doing in Year 5 (and 6 in our case). I assume you will be happy with this but please let me know your thoughts. I have […]


Maths Challenge Questions

For anyone interested in being part of the Wellsprings team for the Wellington School Maths Challenge 2012, all you have to do is answer these sample questions:   Q2.

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…all I could see were two red eyes…

Please read this if you love reading, writing, excitement, and want to see what the 100 Word Challenge is like: My breath was ragged, my clothes torn but all I could think was how could I get away? In this place my fears became real and those realities could take my life.

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100 Word Challenge

I think it is time for something new and exciting on the blog so brace yourselves…there is such a thing as the 100wc or 100 WORD CHALLENGE. This is as it sounds – it is a challenge to write a story in 100 words. Here is the link: I am trying to give you all […]

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Amazing writing…take a look

To all,

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People that post

By the way, There are 6 people without a single post so far – do you know who you are? Get blogging! And for your information, I’m counting posts not comments as these are more substantial; more meaty. Also, there are a couple who are on 4 or so posts, who would like to be […]

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Drafts and authors

Good day to all, Two things occur to me reading some of your fine blog posts… 1. Many of you (Cara, Megan and others) seem to put things in ‘draft’ rather than ‘publish’ – I DO NOT publish things if they are in draft because I assume you are still working on them! You must […]


What is your user level?

Hi Foxes, Just to let you know that I am starting to up-level certain users so that they are no longer ‘contributors’ but now ‘authors’. The reason for this is that these children are posting regularly enough and accurately enough to prove they are trustworthy and will not mis-use these new ‘powers’. The new authors […]

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I love the enthusiasm you are all showing for this blog but can you do me one small favour? You know the words are

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Message for Marie

This is a message to Marie Connolly who we bumped into in Vicar’s Close in Wells yesterday. I just wanted to say what a nice surprise it was meeting you (both) yesterday and sharing some of our insights on the world. The children and I spent some time looking at the links you sent about […]


Hill Hill (aka Burrow Mump)

Just a quick note to you all. Thanks for making today a fun adventure to Burrow Mump and Wells Cathedral. I especially enjoyed spending time with my little group of 12 children and meeting two ladies from Montana in the US. I hope they find this blog although I am not sure if they comment […]

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I have been messing about on various sites for too long now and I can’t see the wood for the trees anymore. I hope this is an actual useful post. I think Fox Class would be interested in that. I wonder what they’ll think of this site and whether they can come up with fascinating […]

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