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On the 31st October, it was Halloween. At approximatley 4:15, my dad and his girlfriend picked me, my brother Kyle and Imogen, my sister up from my mum’s house. Then we went to my dad and his partner’s house in Bishop Lydeard. Before he picked us up, we got changed into our Halloween costumes. Kyle […]


The Food Song

This song is by Megan. I was bored and I decided to write up this song. I like food, Oh yeah I do, It tastes so good, Oh yes it does, I looove food, And so do you, It’s so good, So good, I love food… OOOOOWWWWW!!!! Pizza, It’s so yummy with pepperoni, I’ll tell […]

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If you didn’t know already my name is Megan and I go to Wellsprings school. I’m hoping you might if read my song called The Food Song. Soon I’m going to write a story and you are going to help me!!! (Megan)