100 word challenge( The rainbow box)

One day I found myself in a cyber universe with digital numbers everywhere.A big rainbow box appeared out of the numbers and said” You have to destroy three pillars”. I went to the first one.The pillar was underground.I created a long shovel from the numbers and dug so deep that I smashed it.Second one was […]



I love Minecraft you love Minecraft everybody loves Minecraft!!!!!!!!!!!! My favourite mobs are creepers 0_0 -marcel -william


Our rules

Here are some rules on how to keep safe on wellsprings creative blogs Never give your personal information Never give your full name Never arrange a meeting with someone who you don’t know Don’t talk to people who you don’t know Don’t copyright -Marcel Users who have LIKED this post:


A cold day

Today was really cold I was shivering until lunch time so I just stayed inside and played Chess with William. I hope tomorrow will be a sunny and warm day -Marcel Users who have LIKED this post:

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our christmas

For Christmas I got a bike, a gold controller and a new football.   – Ronnie For Christmas I got a scooter, Minecraft story mode, virtual reality for my phone.   -Marcel     Users who have LIKED this post: