Today is someone’s bday

  Today it’s my mums bday, I have a cold and so does my mum.She wil have an exiting day.(I hope )😀 Users who have LIKED this post:

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My favourite things to do

My favourite things to do are: Do gymnastics with my friends, go on my trampoline , play tag and Play with my friends ( chat with my friends ) In gymnastics I like to do the box ,I like the box because you can do many tricks over it,and I like doing cartwheels.   By makenzie […]


Do’s and dont’s

Do’s… *Share up to date events. *Only use first names. *Share about a weekend or a holiday. * Congratulate someone if they have won something or if they now have a new born sibling. *Say happy birthday to someone. (only use their first name) *Check what you wrote to make sure that it makes sence. […]



poems are good and funny, here is one. it happened just by accident, i promise that it did, it opened on its own as it sprung out from where it hid. This is just part and heres another. there’s rumbles in my tummy, how they grizzle,grunt and groan, they’re unhappily residing, doing nothing there but […]

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School days

School days are fun maths , reading , art and break time. But the best  thing is lunch  and the break after lunch . You learn a new thing every day     by: makenzie