100 word challenge

  Madison stepped into the closet and BAM! She was in wonderland “I wonder were I am?” “You are in wonderland my deer!” whispered a deep voice. “now quick get on my back, we must get out of here, my name is Louise the lion.” “why?” “because it is dangerous !” “ROAR!!!!!!!” and they road of to see […]


The adventure

Running, in the white fluffy blanket of snow on the floor i see a piece of dirty old paper on it was a map. It had French writting on it said Find all the hidden jewellery by using the map and unlock a mystery.I do 5 step forward to my house and then take 11 […]


100 word challenge #19

100 word challenge – Week #19 I was in bed by 9 o’clock thinking about my next adventure!! When I closed my tired eyes my dream started I woke up in a boat and somewhere I couldn’t quite make out. It had a couple of trees and boats but before I could look closer I […]


Polar Bears

White fluffy polar jumping on ice-caps!!! by Madison!! Users who have LIKED this post:


The best teacher in the world

Mr White is my favourite teacher because: He is kind He is helpful and caring He is funny Lastly he makes me enjoy school more Jess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Users who have LIKED this post:


My favourite things

My favourite things are: unicorns jojo siwa bows smiggle jess Users who have LIKED this post:

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TTRockstars is the best

Today,we learned how to play TTRockstars it is where you choose a name  and avatar then you can play tournaments or in your Studio, Garage and other places. Its great for kids. You can get money  (to) buy things. Stay and keep reading more of my blogs by Madison 👑🌸💖😘 By the way read more […]


happy new year!!!

new year resolutions neat books clean carpets neat hand writing jess and emily Users who have LIKED this post: