Tuesday Blog

Hi, this is another blog from me, which I will be telling you,the world, about my thoughts on the day which I decided to blog at this blog.This day was similar to others in some way and the other, so yeah the day was actually the same as yesterdays apart from that we didn’t go […]


Fridays Blog

Today is Friday, the last day of term, we will have a week of half term,we will come back on Tuesday 6th November 2012, I will be doing a blog each day during the half term holidays,when we had golden time and I nearly beat Mr White in chess, he got me in check using […]


Thursday Blog

Hi, today I’m going to talk about Thursday. We did ICT first,dance mats,break time, play one bounce with Mr White,lunch,starting letters, PE sports around the world, get back in our school clothes, Mr White reads us Twist Of Gold, 3:15,home time. First we went to ICT so the other children can have a chance to […]


Wednesday blog

Today, in school at the beginning we were meant to do ICT until 10:20 and then year6 would go swimming until 12:00 and then we would do reading, lunch, Zumba, art and go home. When I came to school, I was playing football with Marshall until 8:45, then we had to go in school, upstairs, […]

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