Racing (f1)

Racing is a lot of peoples favorite sport because of the lightning fast cars and the famous drivers but the star of the sport is formula 1 . Formula 1 is full of races jam packed through the racing full of excitement and fun .   ZK-NZE via Compfight Users who have LIKED this post:



Roblox is a lot of peoples favorite game since it came out for  Xbox lots of people love it because of it’s games.  One of my favorite’s is stop it slender because you have to run around finding notes but avoiding the slender man it is quite creepy. One of the other things you can […]


Harry Potter Studios Watford

Me and my mum went to the harry potter studios these are all of the scenes The Great Hall Dormatries Common room Dumbledoors office Potions class Broom stick and quidditch display Dark arts display Hogwarts express Knight bus Privit drive and the dursley house Creatures department Diagon ally Art department Hogwarts model These are my […]

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House Rules

These are our 6 important rules about this blog (house rules means blog rules) Never leave important or private information on this blog! Remember anyone in the world can see this so be careful  what you post! Don’t ever post anything that is rude or could offend someone! Always make your blogs interesting in anyway possible […]


My new tablet

For Christmas this year I got a new tablet with youtube and all my favourite games. I  am allowed 1 hour on week days and 2 hours on weekends. happy new year George Users who have LIKED this post: