All my Smiggle things Cookie scented pencils Blue Berry juice pencil case Scented pink jelly twister eraser Candyfloss changing colour pencils barnyard scented erasers Fruity yum yum erasers P.S. soon I’m getting more Smiggle stationary !! :) Ruby Users who have LIKED this post:


This weekend

This weekend it was my nan’s birthday! We had a fun party at a pub and at night and we played pool its really fun at parties! Everyone was there all my family and relations. Mum made too much food though and we had loads spare. It was 50p per play on the pool table. […]


my weekend

My weekend has been amazing! It started off with me going to gym after school on friday that was really fun and i won both handstand compatitions! After i got home from gym i had two hours to pack and get ready to go to my dads for the weekend. Once i was ready Users […]

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The highlights of last weekend!

last saterday morning my dad came to pick me up for the weekend with my dad (we were going to go to weston to see the air show!)… first we went back to my dads flat to pick up his girl friend to go to weston… when we go to weston we went to play […]


Makenzies house

I am at makenzies house for tea now writing on her I pad, so far we have… ?Been on the trampoline ?Went Users who have LIKED this post: