Viking clothes! By EmmaC Jake Hathaway

The Vikings wore clothes made from coarse cloth made from wool. Viking men first put on a long woolen shirt and long cloth trousers which were held up by a sash or a drawstring, on top of this was a worn a sleeved jerkin or a three – qaurter coat with a belt.  On his […]



I can’t wait untill Christmas !!!!! My mum told me i have a prezzie and she said it was £50 ! All i want for Christmas is an IPad and an IPhone 4S , Thats it !!! x  

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… All i could see was two red eyes…

I was home alone in the dark , i coudn’t put on the light because we and a power cut for 2 days . I heard noises , i could see movements … I was really scared ! Then i heard a movement with a glass breaking sound ! I saw a shadow from the […]



Tonight I’m going to Bridgewater Carnival ! I hope its going to be fun !!   (Emma)


Today .

Today at school we painted our mud rock figures , I enjoyed doing painting our figures , did anyone else ? (Emma)