The monster who ate happiness (part 1)

Happily Lilly-Mai entered her bedroom after having a shower. As she was drying her self off she noticed something move behind her television. She decided to ignore it and started to to dry her hair. When she

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Ebony’s Maths challenge (Part 1)

Do not use a calculator for these please. 1) 23.78-37.4 (answer goes into minus) 2) 67.98+75.16+49.37 3) 27.85+34.78 Please post the answers in the comment box. Thank you. (Ebony)  



Hello sorry for not posting for such a long time. I have been really busy these last few months and I thought I would say sorry.


…it was on a starry night…

It was on a starry night when a man named Nicholas woke up. He had always been a cheerful man but tonight he was rather unhappy. He laid in his bug-filled bed thinking about why he was so blue. But then he realised why he was sad, when he used to share his riches he […]


My Advert

Grand Theft Auto is a game that is an 18. Plus you can run around, shoot people, steal cars and much more. Grand Theft Auto is a game you can play if you have a bit of time on your hands, and now because it’s with Play Station Vita you can take it anywhere and […]

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What is the main picture of and where was it taken? This is for Mr White but people can reply as well it’s just mainly for him. (Ebony)

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I’m about to head off to my sisters performance (Shrek) at the Tacchi Morris performing arts studio it’s a full dance performance for an hour and 15

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The Midnight Slasher

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My favorite website

My favourite games website is roblox because you can customise your character and play loads of games, to find out more about it please can you click this hyper link below thank you.


My plasticine model

At home we have some

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Hallows Eve or the shortened version Halloween

On the 31st October at 08:30pm I went to Hestercombe Gardens/House and it was


Hi World

Hi World, My name is Ebony and I love acting. I used to go


My school

My school is brilliant and I don’t won’t it to change,

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About me (an acrostic poem)

Elegant Beautiful Omnipotent (unlimited


My story

I a woke from my slumber and clambered out of bed to find myself… Where did she find herself? (Ebony)

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