Dos and Dont`s

The do’s and dont’s of this blog: Do’s  first names only Post upcoming events Things you enjoy (hobbies) Things you like and do at school/home Dont’s Dont swear Dont write mean things Dont share personal information Dont write your adress or phone numbers Dont have arguents with other people or start them (by the way its […]

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do’s and dont’s

Appropriate things to put online: Use first names (only) Things that you enjoy Day to day events   Inappropriate things to put online: Try not to make spelling mistakes Don’t put anything that is too personal DO NOT give out your password Bad language Pictures of you or someone else Nasty comments aimed at a […]


Do’s and dont’s

Do’s… *Share up to date events. *Only use first names. *Share about a weekend or a holiday. * Congratulate someone if they have won something or if they now have a new born sibling. *Say happy birthday to someone. (only use their first name) *Check what you wrote to make sure that it makes sence. […]


Do’s and don’ts

Do’s Be kind and respect other user of the site.  Be creative it might help you in your work talk about your hobbies Don’t Don’t give personal details  ETC:  emails, passoword, don’t click on any spam on your computer  


Do’s and Don’ts for blogging:)

Do’s Talk about home work Tell people your favorite hobies Talk about what you likein side and out side of school Don’ts Tell people your personal information Share photos of your self Use bad language Be mean to others and make them upset (Gabby)  


Do’s and Don’ts

Do’s 1. Do share tips. 2. Do share funny moments. 3.Do discuss your favorite hobbies.   Don’ts 1. Don’t share personal information. 2.Don’t share photos of you and your family. 3.Don’t use foul words.