Clash Royal

Clash Royal Today there was a new card coming out in the shop it is called Battle Ram and its really good. We both got the Battle Ram! I opened my silver chest and got the new card Battle Ram. Me Daniel has a legendary and i don’t so do all my other friends have […]


British Masters Clash Royale

British Masters is the name of our clan no capitals letters and a space in the middle. There is 39 space’s left we would like people we know unless you are in the top 100 leader-board then are welcome elder is free but co-leader you need to have donated 100 cards a week and have […]


Our Rules

My five rules of keeping safe are: 1.Don’t give anyone your telephone number or personal information. 2.Don’t use any bad language in any blogs you do. 3.Don’t meet anyone that you don’t know. 4.Don’t copyright. 5.Don’t give your last name to anyone. Just keep safe  Daniel and Ronnie Users who have LIKED this post:

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My Christmas

For Christmas I got: virtual reality, new football, a tub of sweets and chocolates and some clothes and more. Hope you had a good Christmas. Daniel Users who have LIKED this post:


i completed wwe12

I have completed WWE Wrestle Mania John Cena vs mvp. Have you played this game?

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young dracula

 well the young dracula is a film on cbbc that people wach



enjoy Easter every one :P be kind. be nice to every one in schooL from Daniel



to mr white have a nice easter ! stay safe


have a nice holiday

hope you have a nice holiday stay safe every one ps hope you have a nice easter :)

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