do’s and dont’s

I would like to share a few good tips to being nice while blogging.                     Do’s do share your interests do be positive do give your opinions do share your good times   Dont’s don’t use bad language don’t offend/upset or hurt others don’t give out personal data like your name,your adress,your, phone number and passwords. […]


The animals that have lived in my house

Over the years these animals have lived in my house :3dogs yogi still here today and daydream and daisy had to be put to sleep for pretty much the same reason two cats misha passed away but iris still roaming around the house 3yellow  belly tortoises rocky,humbug and diesel we have had 4 hamster fluffy […]

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SATS and pinkery

Sats in about five weeks , but not really that scared because my sister said they were fine. Can’t wait for the SATS to be over and done with so we can get started with pinkery. yay charlie  


Gonna miss you nada

Nadja  applied for gramma school and if she gets in I’m gonna be so so sooooooooooooooooooo! Upset because she will be going to Torkey  and leaving and I’ll never see her again good luck eventhough I don’t want you to leave I know you’ll get in because your so clever and amazing it will be […]

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grammar school

Last year I applied for Torkey Girls Grammar School (TGGS)  and took the 11+ test . If I get in I will be moving to Torkey . I will miss all my friends if i do . i find out in march. nadjag

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I love Fraggles, they rock! In fact, they live in Fraggle Rock. (Charlie E)