The retriever (100 word challenge)

One sunny morning Tim was up bright and early to go hunting. Tim loved hunting almost as much as he loved his family. But the main reason he loved hunting is so he could spend time with his Beagle. His Beagle was called Sam and he had been with him through thick and fin. So that morning […]


100 Word Challenge

The day finally arrived when Rover 39HB675 was to be launched out of the world’s atmosphere and try to enter Mars’s. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 boom, the rocket was released! After months Rover 39HB675 was ready to land. The rocket broke and Rover 39HB675 landed in a parachute with a protective bubble around it. […]

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100 word challenge #19

100 word challenge – Week #19 I was in bed by 9 o’clock thinking about my next adventure!! When I closed my tired eyes my dream started I woke up in a boat and somewhere I couldn’t quite make out. It had a couple of trees and boats but before I could look closer I […]


grandparants are important because….

Grandparents are important because there like second parents to you. Sometimes they spoil you on days out to fun parks. If  your parents are out they look after you for the day or night. They can babysit when your parents go out to the pub. They give you money for being good. Sometimes they might […]

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