The daily Minecraft news

Mia: Hello and welcome to the Minecraft news!Today we have breaking news at 5:00 Glitter Girl Mia has been building the biggest flat out of diamonds anyone has ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!! But sadly Leon is missing his best friend on ¬†Minecraft and gave Glitter Girl Mia a big surprise by helping her out and give her flowers to help make it look pretty and I’m afraid I don’t know anything else so take it away notch!

thank you Mia now I have found a legendary dragon egg and have sighted the Ender dragon and I just wanted to say that if you ever see the giant boot don’t go anywhere near it for the Ender dragon has made its nest in the giant boot and also if you see a man called Blaffing Moustache Man arrest him and bring him to me please!!!!!!!!!!

thank you notch I’m afraid that that’s all folks!!!!!!Creative Commons License Gabriela Pinto via Compfight

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