100 word challenge

One sunny day Ashton was woken up by the nay of her horse, she quickly got dressed and ran down the stairs, her mum stopped her ” you are not going out until you have had some breakfast. If you want i can cook you some pancakes?” she sat down smiled and nodded her head.

Once she had finished her breakfast, she went down to the stables. She stopped, all of the horses where gone except her horse, Archie. She saddled up, told her mum what happened, and started to follow the tracks. Then

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  1. maisyc Said,

    February 7, 2017@ 6:14 pm      Reply

    i want to know the last bit

  2. Mia.c Said,

    February 7, 2017@ 6:24 pm      Reply

    Wow! You done your homework already Ashton? I have to! I have read yours and put a like to I hope you put one on mine see you soon


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