…all I could see were two red eyes…

Please read this if you love reading, writing, excitement, and want to see what the 100 Word Challenge is like:

My breath was ragged, my clothes torn but all I could think was how could I get away? In this place my fears became real and those realities could take my life.

     So I ran.

     The ground beneath my feet blurred as I called on every ounce of energy in my body to outrun my demons. But they would not give up. As sweat beaded on my skin it was instantly chilled by the beast’s icy breath. Its stench was appalling and I was paralysed by fear. As I turned around all I could see were two red eyes… 

(Mr White)


  1. (Ethan Said,

    November 7, 2012@ 6:28 pm      Reply

    If you don’t all ready know on the 24 of novemder there is the wellington maths challenge taking place.

    Mr White has got to pick 4 poeple he has got 4 poeple in mind to de honest i think one of them is Hudi.Because ne is intelegent fast at every table hes got his bronz award,silver,gold,platinam(realy hard to get). But loads of other poeple are as bright as him for example Joe,Tj ,Edony.

    • ebonyh Said,

      November 8, 2012@ 7:08 pm      Reply

      Thank you for saying that i’m as smart to but Hubi has not got his platinum award yet he’s working on it.

  2. emmac Said,

    November 9, 2012@ 6:57 pm      Reply

    Nice story Mr White :)

  3. michaelac Said,

    November 14, 2012@ 6:13 pm      Reply

    I thout your story was very well written i hope you like mine? Legandarey anywhay.

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